Why Choose Foundation Chiropractic?

Attention to Detail

On every visit your entire spine will be thoroughly examined utilizing the Gonstead system.

No upfront payments

Every case in unique so we never utilize pre-scheduling or upfront payment plans.

No Wait Policy

If you are on time for your appointment the clinic policy is for you to have wait no longer than 15 minutes

Dr David intentionally does not double book patients and allows enough time per appointment to give the patient the full attention they deserve.

We understand that your time is valuable. You have other appointments; school pick-ups e.t.c to factor into your life and as such should not have to sit in a waiting room for longer than necessary. Dr David was always frustrated when any time he went to an appointment for a Chiropractor, Dentist or whatever; there would be a protracted wait involved. Therefore the Clinic policy is to show Patients the respect they deserve and keep waiting times to a minimum.

We strive to keep to this policy as much as possible but cannot make an ironclad guarantee as sometimes people are late or an emergency case presents.


Dr David is the most experienced Gonstead practitioner in Ballarat


As we are working out of our home we have low over heads and can therefore keep fees to a minimum.


The average clinic visits per patient to achieve results is 3 to 4.

Instant Health Insurance Claims

We can scan your health insurance card through our eftpos terminal and you pay only the gap.

E.P.C Medicare Pay

There is no charge to the patient on these visits except for a $40 extra charge on the initial visit.

E.P.C Medicare payments accepted. If your G.P decides that you have a long term condition that can be helped by Chiropractic care in a team approach, they can refer you to us as part of a care plan ( E.P.C) and medicare will pay for up to 5 visits per year. There is no charge to the patient on these visits except for a $40 extra charge on the initial visit.