Dr David Addie

Dr David Addie

Dr David Addie was born and raised in a large family in Invercargill, New Zealand. The most southern city in the world situated at the bottom tip of the south island. He left school at 16 to complete a carpentry apprenticeship.


Robyn is a registered nurse who has been in the nursing profession for the last 30 years, during which time, she has had varied experience and worked in many locations, both here and overseas


Bella is an 9 year old Kelpie cross who lived her early life in a wire enclosure and was used as a puppy factory. She was rescued by the RSPCA and adopted by us in 2016.
Jack the Cat


Jack was rescued from the Melbourne Lost Dogs Home. He is a 4 year old Bengal/Tabby; he is Crazy, Playful, Friendly and Fearless.

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