Welcome to Foundation Chiropractic

Fixing the cause so your body can heal itself.

The Meaning Behind the Name.

A lesson I learned early in my Carpentry apprenticeship was that a strong and level foundation is critical if you want a building project to run smoothly and for the building to last without ongoing issues. If you have doors that are not closing properly because of a sinking floor you have two options. Plane the edge and bottom of the door and relocate the striker plate every few years until eventually the door will need replaced, or fix the problem of the sinking floor. The second option is far cheaper and more effective over the long term.

This is also my Philosophy in Chiropractic. For instance a person can have a slight misalignment in the middle of the spine which causes the spine to lean a little to one side, the body then needs to tense up the muscles on the side of the neck to pull the eyes to level, over time this causes neck pain. You can either fix the problem in the mid back and resolve the neck pain or continually work on the neck spending a lot of time and money and never achieving long term results.

Therefore the name Foundation Chiropractic.


Meaning of the Logo

A Circle divided into 4 segments is the Gonstead symbol. It is a stylised hour glass and as a circle symbolises eternity.

The Spine is there because adjusting of the spine is the main focus of chiropractic.
The Spine projects from the top and bottom of the Gonstead Circle to symbolise not being confined to a cycle of repetitive visits. In other words, the goal is for the patient to graduate from our care. The goal of Foundation Chiropractic is to get every patient well as fast as possible and for them to stay well for as long as possible.

The brickwork pattern relates back to the name Foundation and Dr David’s history of working in the Construction industry. The Spine is the foundation and framework of the entire body. Therefore the integrity, function and strength of the spine and nervous system is integral to our optimum performance and health.

The colours were chosen for the very important reason that Dr David’s wife, Robyn loves pink and purple hues.

Why Choose Us?

Caring Patient centered approach.
Attention to detail
No upfront payments. Every case in unique so we never utilize pre-scheduling or upfront payment plans
No Wait Policy. If you are on time for your appointment the clinic policy is for you to have wait no longer than 15 minutes